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BlastHouse EAA is the ultimate recovery supplement to add to your arsenal! Each serving of EAA is loaded to the brim with the Essential Amino Acids that your body needs as well as the traditional Branched Chain Amino Acids typically found in most BCAA supplements currently on the market to form the most complete Amino product on the market! We also added in Pink Himalayan Salt, Coconut Water Extract, and Potassium as well as other electrolytes to help ensure that you're adequately hydrated along the way.

What are Essential Amino Acids?
Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are complete protein compounds used by the body to rebuild as well as build new muscle tissue. These EAA's are essential components to the recovery process but are not produced by the body, they must be obtained through a nutritional supplement.

When should I take EAA's?
EAA's can be taken before, during or after your workout. Studies show the most beneficial time to take EAA's is before workout and the ideal time to take BCAA's is post workout. BlastHouse EAA has both BCAA and EAA's in it so it can be taken at both times to help promote muscular recovery.

How many Amino Acids are in BlastHouse EAA?
There are 9 amino acids packed into BlastHouse EAA.

What else is in BlastHouse EAA?

BlastHouse EAA also includes Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Water Powder, Potassium and other electrolytes to aide in hydration. We also included Bromelain which has been shown in studies to aide in inflammation reduction.

Are there any calories in BlastHouse EAA?
Yes, as with most things you ingest in your body there are calories in BlastHouse EAA; however, these calories are considered negligible as they equate out to less than 3 calories per serving.


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