Once upon a time, there was a man named Steve. Steve didn't think he needed a shaker bottle - a waste of money, he said! Then one Monday at the gym, he wanted to get some pre-workout in before a massive bench workout, so he attempted to dry-scoop his pre-workout in the middle of the gym. The scoop was huge, and the powder was too much for him. It burned his throat, and he spewed it all over the place. At that exact moment, his gym-crush, Stacy, had walked through the doors looking fine as ever in some BlastHouse leggings. She walked through the cloud of powder, like a scene out of Scarface. Upon seeing the trail of dust around Steve, tears of pain streaming down his face from the painful burn of the powder, she was instantly disgusted. Stacy hit the unfollow button on Steve's Instagram that very moment. It was a sad day for Steve.

Don't be like Steve, get a shaker bottle.

World-class, quality shaker bottles. 

  • 24 oz. capacity 
  • Wire whisk ball included
  • +1000 Hydration