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If you're not familiar with Zinc or it's function, we'll make it simple for you, it is one of the most essential minerals out there when it comes to maintaining your health! Zinc plays a crucial roll in well over 200 enzymatic reactions within the body and is an essential component to healthy growth, immune system function, testosterone metabolism, as well as many other natural functions within the body. Zinc has also been shown to benefit connective tissue, eye health, and reproductive wellness.*

Key Benefits of Zinc
- Zinc is an essential component involved in the development and function of cells responsible for our immune system response; more specifically our T-lymphocytes (T-cells). T-cells help control our body's inflammatory response while dealing with immune system stressors.*
- Zinc has also been shown in studies to have antioxidant-promoting properties that help reduce oxidative stress within the body. Oxidative stress is a process that can damage cells and tissue within our body and has been shown to lead to many chronic health conditions.*
- Promotes healthy skin and eyes.*
- Essential to the support and natural production of testosterone, a hormone essential for the development of lean muscle mass as well as normal reproductive health.*

What is the Essentials Series?
The BlastHouse Essentials Series is a collection of products that serve to promote general health and wellness. These are products that are essential for every individual in order to maintain the most optimal health levels possible. The Essentials Series is vital for all individuals independent of age, fitness level, goals, or weight. Essentials are for everyone!

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